6 Ways to Connect with Nature and Improve Your Wellbeing

connect with nature

In today’s technology-saturated world, it’s important to remember and return to our roots once in a while. It helps not only our sanity, but our health and wellbeing too.

I mean, how much more pleasant is the smell of flowers than asphalt? How much more soothing is the sound of the ocean than traffic horns? How much more delicious is a fresh strawberry than artificial strawberry flavored candies?

We are just now beginning to pull the reins on industry and make an effort to return to what’s natural. The local farm movement is growing, as is the conservation movement, the organic food movement, and environmentalism in general.

We’re finally beginning to realize that if we don’t do something now, there might not be a later.
So in the name of Mother Nature, health, and overall wellbeing, here are some ways that we can all enjoy and connect with our roots.

1. Go for a walk in the woods

There’s nothing more peaceful than a walk through a quiet forest. For those who live in the city, it make be a rare opportunity, but definitely one worth the trip every once in a while.

When we take some time to unplug from the hustle and bustle of our fast-paced, sensory-overloaded lives, we can begin to relax and explore our roots. It’s no surprise that most people feel highly refreshed and calmer after time spent surrounded by wildlife.

Breathing the fresh air, smelling the dewy earth, listening to the birds chirping – even the thought is soothing.

2. Grow something

If you don’t have easy access to a big park or nature reserve, you can bring a little bit of nature into your own home. Plants are very easy to maintain and bring life to any space. Just a little sunlight and occasional watering is enough to keep these little green sprouts happy.

Plants turn CO2 into Oxygen and remove environmental toxins, so having one around can provide cleaner air. Their presence has also been known to lower stress levels and speed up the healing process.

If you have a bigger backyard, try starting a garden. There’s nothing more satisfying than home-grown herbs or produce, and nothing healthier either!

3. Meditate in the park

Sometimes there is no forest nearby to enjoy, but there is still a way to get your nature fix in the local park.

Find a nice grassy area with some shade and find a comfortable upright sitting position. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Try to hear the nature sounds around you, like the rustling of leaves and the whistling of the wind. Use your senses to integrate yourself with your surroundings. Feel the earth beneath you.

Use this as a time to clear your mind and relax.

4. Buy fresh ingredients

Check out your local farmer’s market for locally grown organic produce and animal products. Since it’s coming straight from the source, there is less of a chance of nutrient loss, and the food is much fresher. In addition to being pesticide and GMO-free, it simply tastes better!

Local farms also preserve the environment better, as they use resources more responsibly and are more integrated into the ecosystem. When you buy local, you not only support local families, but you preserve the future of open spaces, fresh produce and healthy lifestyles for the future.

5. Take a swim

Water has incredible healing powers, especially ocean water. The ebb and flow of the waves is a universally calming sound, and the pungent salty smell is cleaning to the insides.

Swimming in the ocean helps boost the immune system as the various minerals are absorbed through the pores in the skin and expel disease-causing toxins from the body. Some seawater can help relax muscles and decrease stress, and others improve skin health.

If you don’t live near the ocean, a swim in a lake or pond can also have health benefits as it increases circulation in the body.

6. Fill your house with flowers

Is your house or apartment looking dull and needing a little infusion of life? Gather some local wildflowers and put them in vases around your living space. They can last up to a week and their presence can spice up even the dreariest décor.

Similar to potted plants, flowers have been noted to speed up the healing process and increase creativity. Those with pleasant scents are especially effective, as the aromas decrease anxiety and promote good moods.

Less saturated colors tend to give a more relaxing effect, whereas bolder colors give an energizing effect. Keep in mind the desired result when you’re arranging them around the house.

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