No Gym? Calisthenics Exercises that You Can Do Anywhere (Videos)

simple powerful exercises

I’ve been always a fan of the classical hypertrophy approach in gym, but it requires a very good diet and a regular workout frequency if you want real and solid results.

The thing is, for most of people including me, life doesn’t allow us to have enough time to cook, to buy, to plan, to go to a gym, to eat and stuff like that. Especially if you have a very agitated life and a crazy routine, you will find it very hard to keep the discipline that the majority of the fitness exercise routines require.

Since both nutrition and the workouts are very vast subjects, I decided to give a few solutions on the workouts and leave the diet for another article.

One of the things I’m studying most lately is the possibility of reaching decent results in physical terms without the need for gym equipment. I found the answer in calisthenics.

I’m still very skeptical about some things; it is very unlikely to get huge muscles without proper equipment. It’s a simple question of weight needs.

If you do not have more weight than your body offers you will not grow bigger. Of course you can increase the reps or exercise speed but still, it will lead you to a more ripped and thinner body.

Now the bright side of this kind of training is that you will get an extremely resistant and strong body. You will be able to run faster, punch stronger, swim longer.

It is definitely a more functional and natural approach, with more focused muscle training than the cardio in running workouts.

But do not think it is easy or less important than the usual hypertrophy. This training so far made me lose weight and it appears to be extremely effective to burn fat.

In general I feel the training itself is more dynamical and less repetitive than the classical gym work outs. I’ve selected the best videos to show that anybody can do this training anywhere.

It is a full body work out that will give you fast results in terms of fat burning and moderate results in muscle development compared to gym.

The first one is this:

It covers all the most basic exercises and variations to start.

As you can see you don’t need anything else but a bar, which can be easily bought online and used in your own house.

They give you a basic plan, but you should always increase the reps as soon as you feel that you can handle it.

Keep in mind that control is important, so the slower you can do everything, the stronger you get. Either reps or speed, those are two very good ways to improve the difficulty of the exercise and get better results.

The variations I would like to add are both aimed for your shoulder and your upper chest. Particularly I’m trying to compensate the anterior deltoid, the frontal part of your shoulder, also the clavicular head and all the upper part of your pectoralis major, upper chest, which I feel get a little neglected in most of calisthenics work outs.

So the first one is an inclined push up, which is basically elevating your legs while doing pushups.

decline pushup


And also the dips plank swing as I like to call it, which is one of the most amazing exercises in my opinion for beginners.

It works your whole body, all the core muscles, and gives you an amazing control of your body.

The goal of this exercise is control. It doesn’t matter how far you can swing.

So to start you hold your body up like in the picture below and always keep it like a plank, like it cannot be bent. If your body is not straight in any moment you are doing it wrong.

ab swing


Now as a plank, move your whole body forward and then backwards, like a pendulum.

In the beginning it will be very hard to do it muscularly, so you can use some impulse and momentum, but remember the goal is to do the movement as controlled as possible.

In a more advanced level you have to be capable of holding your body in any position and moment during the pendulum movement.

As you gain strength, you make the movement wider and slower.


It is hard; it is very hard. If it feels easy, you are probably doing it wrong or you are a professional gymnast.

It’s easy to start doing it and the whole mechanics of it allows you to have a very gradual development.

Keeping this exercise in mind I want to show the next video:

Frank Medrano is not super ripped and fit but super strong, and the best of all: He is vegan.

It is very hard for people who don’t eat meat to get enough proteins but he is a very good example that you can do it.

That is a harder and more advanced video but what I want to use from that is only the dragon fly abs so you can see what kind of “plank” I’m talking about in the dip swing.

Later you can try to do the dragon fly abs hold the bar in the pull up grasp.

Also the running sprint is definitely the most important thing in that video for me.

The way he does it is very efficient to lose fat and it’s easy to start since you can start sprint only once then rest as much as you feel you need, and then you increase the number of sprints, the speed and also decreases the resting period.

And to finish, legs of course.

I’ve found this very amazing video, which covers all the leg muscles and serves us with a lot of nice variations and ideas that can be done practically anywhere!


A little extra just to give you guys a motivation boost, from Frank Medrano, and to show how far you can push your body and control your movement.

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