15 All Natural Weight Loss Solutions to Spice Up Your Diet

all natural weight loss

The world of weight loss is filled with empty promises, high expectations and less than hoped-for results, especially when it comes to the next big “miracle diet.” For those who have exhausted all conventional weight-loss options and found themselves in the land of frustration and disappointment, you may consider giving it one last shot.

Many herbs, flowers and roots have naturally-occurring compounds that help speed up metabolism, lower blood pressure, reduce fat buildup and more. By incorporating these natural solutions in your daily routine (along with a healthy diet and daily exercise), you could find yourself with a more effective and better-tasting all natural weight loss strategy.

all natural weight loss1. Green Tea

A great starting point that can bring noticeable results – green tea contains antioxidants called catechins that have been proven to increase metabolism and fat-burning rates

all natural weight loss2. Ginseng

A natural stimulant that boosts energy levels and speeds up your metabolic rate

all natural weight loss3. Coconut Oil

Made up of medium-chain fatty acids that help to increase the metabolic rate and burn stored fat faster

all natural weight loss4. Hibiscus

Contains natural diuretic properties and is known to significantly decrease blood sugar levels when taken regularly (hibiscus tea is my personal favorite)

all natural weight loss5. Dandelion

A good aid for cleansing your body due to its high fiber content and digestion-slowing properties that make you feel fuller longer

all natural weight loss6. Mustard Seed

Has been proven to increase metabolic rate by up to 25% when as little as 2-3 teaspoons are consumed daily

all natural weight loss7. Ginger

Great for cleansing – it has anti-inflammatory and appetite-suppressing properties and helps move food through the digestive system

all natural weight loss8. Black Pepper

Contains the compound piperine which blocks the formation of new fat cells

all natural weight loss9. Cayenne Pepper

Peppers contain a compound called capsaicin (which makes them spicy) which decreases calorie intake, shrinks fat tissue, lowers blood fat levels and fights fat buildup by triggering protein changes in the body

all natural weight loss10. Turmeric

Reduces the rate of formation of fat tissues, leading to a lower body fat content and less weight gain

all natural weight loss11. Cinnamon

Helps to stabilize blood sugar levels, increases metabolisms of fats, and helps suppress your hunger by keeping you full longer

all natural weight loss12. Cardamom

Boosts your metabolism and improve’s your body’s ability to burn fat

all natural weight loss13. Nettle Leaf

Contains high levels of Vitaman A and C, aiding in the purification of blood and burning of fat

brazilian fruit14. Guarana

High in naturally-occurring caffeine, which stimulates the nervous system and helps you avoid emotional over-eating due to stress or tension

all natural weight loss15. Cumin

Improves the digestive process and production of energy, as well as boosting your immune system

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