How to Make a Living From Anywhere, With Almost Anything

I know what most of you are thinking; “oh there he goes talking about blogging lifestyle.” Well if you are one of those you are terribly wrong.

Maintaining this blog is nothing more than a way to help people to overcome the obstacles we all face, and are still facing. My goal is to provide moral resources and support for those who suffer the same things I suffered.

In my case, I didn’t receive almost any help, and the help I did receive wasn’t the one I needed. I do not wish this for anybody.

You know what else I do not wish for anybody?

Working for someone else.

In most cases, working as an employee is much safer and requires less responsibility. There aren’t risks to take or big gambles or extra hours like there are for the owners. Being an employee is comfortable, it’s easy.

But is it fulfilling?

If you look at your life and your job now in twenty years, will you look back and be satisfied?

Everyone has a dream. Whether it’s getting a record deal, baking cakes for a living or having the freedom to travel the world and still get paid, the internet offers a solution and a very powerful means to make most of them a reality.

I discovered this wealth of opportunity last year in the midst of a crisis.

In 2013 when I sold everything and got double crossed by a very loving family member I looked for jobs. As a matter of fact, I have a very good resume, therefore I found a very good job. I had a good pay, awesome benefits and the office was listed as one of the best places to work in my country…and it was.

I had no time restrictions and I could work with sandals and shorts, but yet something always bothered me. I had to work a full-time job and I couldn’t deny to myself that with that much effort I could be making more, much more.

I know some people are not born to be businessmen or women; some people simply don’t like that or have different dreams, and I understand. But for those who want to and don’t take a step over fear or insecurity, you have no idea what you are missing.

Most of people are afraid of quitting their jobs and betting on something, so I tell you: if you work with digital products and the internet you do not need to.

You can work at night, on weekends or any time that you want. It can be a smooth transition. When it starts to get bigger, in case you need some extra cash in slower months you can just get a part-time job.

The possibilities are really endless.

Every single day I discover a new way to make money online. There is affiliate marketing, publicity, drop shipping, digital products, e-commerce, surveys, blogging, e-books, selling services and much more!

Pretty much all you need is a site and a service or a product.

What I chose was a digital service because I can produce anywhere and I just need a computer and Wi-Fi. I’ve been helping people to start their own online business from scratch. I’m using all the expertise I’ve gained with all the internet areas I work with nowadays to help anyone with any goal online.

From everything I’ve listed above, I pretty much do it all, but lately I’ve been experiencing a huge boom in the sales with my company KR Sites.

I’ve discovered that people want to discover the internet, but since they don’t really get it, they are not willing to invest a lot in it. So I do not only create a site to my clients, I help them to understand the business and to successfully run it.

I decided to do it because I like to help, to teach and the sensation of partnership.

So find what you can offer and what you like to do. If you do what you love, it’s not work. It’s magical how long you can keep producing without getting stressed, and the sensation of growth is amazing.

Love making homemade soaps? You can make an online business from it. Passionate about providing clean water to third world countries? You can create an online business from it. Always writing stories and poetry in your free time? You can make an online business from it.

There is no limit to the internet’s potential to help you grow.

If you do not have any specific or highly-trained skills, choose something that you really like and learn it. You can learn really fast when you do something that amazes you.

Kelsey is the proof of that; she had zero experience with programming and webdesign and now she is better than me, and I’m a computer engineer! She always liked designing, drawing and art, so I gave her the confidence boost she needed and now she is a very talented young businesswoman making her living.

Let’s say, for example, you do not want to produce anything, but you want to sell products; you don’t need to have your own stock. You can re-sell people’s products and win a commission.

Let’s say you do not want to sell products or services, you simply have nice ideas and you want to make money from exposing them; that would be the blogging way, get people to read and to like your content and the more traffic you have the more you make with ads.

Of course every single way is much more complex and has a lot of steps and specifics that you have to master to be successful. I just wanted to talk a little bit of everything here to encourage you.

With dedicated research and serious determination, there’s nothing stopping you from making your dream business grow from the ground up.

Every single second you don’t start you are going to regret it. In one year you will regret that you didn’t start now.

To open a regular business you need several or even hundreds of thousands dollars. In the internet you can start with more or less a single thousand.

It’s simple to manage and to create, and the true differentiator and key to success is discipline, persistence and steady learning. If you have someone to point you the right way, you will probably get the desire to quit your job in a few months.

When I first started KR Sites, I’ve made a thousand dollars in the first month. In the second I doubled it, and it keeps growing.

It grows because we love what we do and people feel it.The customer sees that we really take a active role in his success.

It’s more than a simple sale.

That’s why if you work with what you love, it’s much more likely to be a success. People feel your passion and get inspired.

And we’re all looking for a little inspiration, right?

If you need a confidence boost, if you are a little lost or if you need anything to start your own internet business reach me here. I will help you with whatever you need.

I will start writing more about online entrepreneurship, because it is amazing.

If I’m able to encourage at least one person to start and to be successful, this post reached its goal.

In a few months, I’m moving to one of the most beautiful cities in the world. I never thought I could do this so early in my life, with this great job and with a very decent payment. I could never do this without the internet.

If I can, so can you.

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