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About Us - Our Essentials & Our Story

About Us

about us

What is our purpose?

You’ve probably heard that a lot. Maybe you’ve even wondered it yourself in a time of big decisions and possible self-doubt. Everyone seems to want to know the answer.

And so we seek it. We seek through our career pursuits, through faith and religion, through our relationships with those around us, through logic, through trial-and-error, through our every day experiences…

We all want a reason for being alive.

Isn’t that what sets us all apart?

My purpose in life is not the same as yours, my motivations are not all the same as yours, and the things that are important to me are not necessarily important to you.

There is, however, something that all humans, everywhere, have it common. There is one purpose that every single one of us shares.

We grow.

We improve, we learn, we evolve. From the day we enter this world we are constantly growing. Our purpose is to grow.

That may mean something different to everyone. A musician grows in different ways than a scientist, and a monk in different ways than a businessman. The universal motion, however, is upwards.

We were not born to be stationary. We are dynamic.

And how do we cultivate more growth?

Maintaining our wellbeing

In order for a flower to bloom, it must be nurtured. It requires time, energy, and nutrients.

The same is true for us.

For physical wellbeing, we have to care for our bodies.

For psychological wellbeing, we have to care for our minds.

For spiritual wellbeing, we have to care for our souls.

And for everyday wellbeing, we have to care for our lives.

This is the root of The Essential You. Our goal is to encourage growth through promoting holistic wellbeing, to help you find and fulfill your purpose.

What is your purpose?

We’re no experts, but we’d love to help you figure it out.


Our Story

In the summer of 2013 a small-town American girl and a big-city Brazilian traveled to Salamanca, Spain on vacation. She had finally convinced her parents about traveling overseas alone, and he had just sold everything after suffering a stress-induced heart attack.

This was the beginning of a long, challenging and enlightening journey that led them to create The Essential You.

about usKelsey is a former high school valedictorian and “poster-child.” She was the stereotypical overacheiver: student council representative, twelve season varsity athlete, national honor society member, and part-time waitress.

After years of jumping through hoops, resume building and sleepless nights, she was rejected from every single one of her Ivy League dream schools.

Fed up and worn out, she finally shed off the expectations and pressures to make her own way, turning down many generous and prestigious scholarships and leaving everything behind after a ruthless bloodbath of opposition from her friends and family.

She moved to São Paulo, Brazil with only $600 to her name and zero knowledge of Portuguese.

She is an adventure, travel and life enthusiast who dreams of being a bohemian nomad or the next Lara Croft. You can find her experimenting in the kitchen, playing the ukulele, or hiking the nearest mountain.

She is now focused on proving how to create the life of your dreams without an institutional education.


about us

Rodrigo is a self-made entrepreneur and martial arts practitioner. He started working at the early age of 14 by cleaning and serving in an event center.

At 16 he started his own little business, grasping a new trend, by buying and reselling gym supplements. At 18 he had enough to open his first company; it started as an e-commerce and later graduated to 3 physical stores and one online.

In June of 2013 he suffered a serious heart condition due to the stress of his crazy routine. He was studying computer engineering in the morning and law at night in the best private colleges in Brazil, running his company, following a strict diet and working out, which included daily martial arts practices and gym.

After nearly losing his life, he decided to sell everything and start a quest to look for what is really essential for happiness.


about usKira is a Swiss shepherd and a royal princess. She loves walks in the park, begging for treats, and lots and lots of attention. She’s very protective, but gives the best hugs and kisses. Sometimes she acts like a spoiled teenager, but Kelsey and Rodrigo love her anyways.

She is the blog supervisor and motivator.